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We’ll broadcast daily on and on Twitter @WIREDInsider. Each day of the week, a different Insider will be telling the WIRED Story through their lens. Read more about the eight Insiders below.

Smarter Upstarter

25/8, 365. Sure, our inveterate entrepreneur might work long hours — but check out the Kinect in his cube, or catch him at SXSW, and you’ll see that this smart, savvy, and ambitious member of the Valley Pack has perfected the science of ‘bleisure.’


Did you see? Have you heard? Don’t go head to head in a game of trivia with WIRED’s resident culture vulture. He’ll always out-Simpsons quote you, knows the science behind Star Trek, and is an authority on the latest viral videos.


Kiss your average sunny-side ups goodbye. This creative inventor-meets-foodie will cryo gun your cocktails, sous vide your chops, and explain the tech behind biodynamic wine. The Gastronaut is a master entertainer who loves to share his appreciation for well-equipped kitchens and homes stocked with high tech tools.


Hackers, modders, fabbers, tweakers. These “passionate amateurs” are building their own blimps, reducing their footprint, and customizing their cribs sans the help of so-called professionals.

Chief Disruptor

This boardroom executive didn’t just write the book on the future, he made it happen. He brings ideas to life and impacts the very way we live. Everyone knows his name in the Valley, in the Capital, and at Davos.

Digital Gentleman

This well-appointed fellow has a penchant for pretty tech. Expect to see him relaxing in his Herman Miller, sipping a nice tumbler of whiskey and perusing the newest issue of WIRED on his leather-encased iPad.

Adventure Capitalist

Marathons are for suckers. Try climbing Kilimanjaro. This fan of extremes can swim a Polar Bear Challenge before you finish breakfast. He has an arsenal of tech at his disposal that will tell him how many calories he burned, and how much REM sleep he’ll need to recover.

IT Girl

Digital emergency? This wired-up woman can come to your rescue with the techie tool kit she’s toting in her Chrome bag. She always knows which piece of hardware will make your life easier — and more fun.